Is Removing a Loose Tooth Safe?

There is nothing good about noticing that a tooth of yours is loose. You may be worried that your tooth is going to come out, and you may be wondering if it is a better idea to yank it out on your own. That is a feeling many people get, especially if you are in some pain and you want that pain to go away.

The truth is that if you take such a step, as trying to remove the tooth on your own, you are inviting more trouble. That is not how you want to proceed. Unless the tooth is on the edge of coming off itself, you are not in any place to try and take it out your own. You are going to cause yourself more pain and problems.

What happens when you yank out a tooth that is a bit loose? You will be damaging your gums and the surrounding teeth. That not only hurts your gums and may cause an infection, but it means getting a dental implant in Durham to replace the lost tooth is more complicated. Your dentist may have to work on getting rid of the infection before they can proceed with implants.

A much better move would be to go ahead and get rid of the tooth the right way. Consult with your dentist and make sure you set up a quick appointment so they can take a look at your tooth. Your dentist can assess what is going on, and they will be able to determine whether the tooth needs to come out today or in a few weeks.

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Your dentist will safely remove the tooth, and may even give you an anesthesia shot right before the procedure. That ensures you are numb in your mouth and will not feel any pain when the tooth comes out.