Fighting Bugs

This is going to be one topic that most people will want to avoid like the plague.  Bugs are nasty, crawly creatures that seem to have no purpose in our world.  However, they do and if we didn’t have bugs, our planet wouldn’t be able to survive.  With this said it is important that we help maintain and control bugs so that they are not interrupting or intruding into our world.  To do this, a mosquito control company in Bear can help keep them at bay.

The reasons we have bugs is to help eat all of the dead plants and animals that eventually will fill up our world.  They will consume the flesh, bones and other components that make up life.  Then they will process this and return nutrients back into the soil and start the life cycle all over again.

Remove standing water

Water is one of the most basic compounds for life.  Just like humans, insects need water to survive.  If we have standing water insects like mosquitoes can lay their eggs and reproduce.  To keep them out of your area make sure that standing water is removed.  When it is, they will not be able to cause problems.


One way that most companies and people in general will deal with bugs is to spray chemicals and poisons.  These can be very effective in keeping insects under control.  However, poisons can also be harmful to humans as well.  They can get into our water supplies and into our food.  This can’t happen so you want to make sure that if you hire any companies that they use water soluble chemicals.  These are chemicals that break down in water and become inert. 

Cleaning your environment

mosquito control company in Bear

Insects love death, decay and rotting items.  If you have these items laying around your home or area they will attract bugs.  Remove them and keep your areas clean and insects will have no choice but to move on and find what they need elsewhere.